Monday, October 04, 2004

Rowlings' Site Updated
Finally! Ok, so maybe it's just Me that's excited that it's updated again. But in case I'm not the only one, here's what's new and improved there. ;)

In the FAQs:
In the Philosophers' Stone, Aunt Petunia said that Lily came back from Hogwarts, with frog spawn in her pockets and turned teacups into rats. If this is true, why wasn't she expelled from Hogwarts? Aunt Petunia is exaggerating a little; you have to allow for her state of mind when she started shrieking these things. However, just like her son,Lily was not averse to testing the limits of the Statute of Secrecy, so you can safely assume she will have had a few warning letters - nothing too serious though.

Oh wait, sorry guys, I'm too lazy to keep typing this out. Here:

AND! This was the answer to the last polled question:

Also in the rubbish bin:

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