Saturday, October 02, 2004

Interview with Devon
An HP fan from Fiction Alley went to the CollectorsMania 6, and did a quick interview with Devon Murray. This is a little of what he had to say:
franthephoenix: How goes the filming?
Devon Murray: Yeah, well it's not too bad; we have a week off now, to meet the fans and all that. And then I have one of my mates up from Star Wars, he plays Boba Fett (Daniel Logan), he's coming up to Ireland for a weekend.
franthephoenix: That sounds good.
Devon Murray: Yeah, it should be good fun.
franthephoenix: How are you getting on with the director? Do you miss Alfonso, or...?
Devon Murray: Yeah, I miss Alfonso, I miss Chris Columbus, but we have Mike Newell now, he's a real good ?, incredible director, he's made my favourite film that I've ever seen - it was a film called 'Into the West' - and he directed that so, yeah, great working with him.
Fran: Are you aware of some of the fansites on the internet - do you visit any of them?
Devon: [nods] Yeah. I visit quite a lot actually.
Fran: Really?blondegoldfish: Which ones?
Devon: Er, I don't know. I just click 'Devon Murray', and all these sites come up, and 'oh I'll go onto you, you, you, you, you' - [gestures randomly selecting them] - and I'll go onto them all. But er, yeah, I have my own website up now as well, so... an official site. So that should be good.
Fran: Oh, well we'll make sure to check that out!
Devon: Not a problem.
Fran: What about J K Rowling's website - do you like that?
Devon: Yeah, definitely, yeah.
Fran: It's pretty good.
Devon: There was a quiz on that website, to find out what the new Harry Potter was going to be called...
Fran: Yeah, what do you think of the name of the new book - do you have any idea who the Half Blood Prince is?
Devon: Well, the only person I can think of is... me.
Fran and blondegoldfish: (laugh)
Devon: No, seriously! Because I say, 'I'm half and half'... It's either me or else Hagrid.
Fran: Yeah, maybe. Maybe.
Devon: Yeah. So, fingers crossed!
Fran: Has J K Rowling come down on set this time?
Devon: Er, I can't remember. She probably has been there, like while I wasn't there, or whatever.
Fran: So you missed... Yeah.
Devon: She was there at the POA premieres...

For pics, the interview has two.
The poster also says they will have video on the interview as well soon, so go HERE to keep an eye out for it. ;)

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