Thursday, October 28, 2004

A new creation in the making
For once, it's good to be a Harry Potter fan and live in the United States. For it's in the US that a new idea is being born called MagicQuest. What is MagicQuest? Well, the first one, will be in Myrtle Beach, and has things to make any Harry Potter fan feel Right at home and within the very books. Designer of MagicQuest, Denise Weston has been developing toys, games and interactive children's amusements for more than 25 years. Among her achievements are children's play and pool areas for Disney Cruise Line, Club Disney and Disney Quest; a 4-acre Looney Tunes park for Six Flags, Ohio; and The Great Barn at Stone Mountain, Ga. And now she's at it again. With MagicQuest, children can play the game with their friends or parents. A magic wand presented to each participant has the technology to recognize the participant individually and allows the child to command lightening bolts, open treasure boxes, control music and other feats of the imagination. More than 250 different special effects can be created with a wave of the wand, and each quest a child chooses on computer is unique.
The MagicQuest attraction plans a huge product line of costumes and interactive MagicQuest accessories.
This 22,500-square-foot former Butterfly Pavilion, located between the IMAX Theater and Broadway Cinema 16, is being transformed into a fairy-tale fantasy world of castles, drawbridges and a Stonehenge-like circle of stones that will conceal computers where participants will be able to choose games or quests.
Weston has said that she would like this idea to spread. So hopefully if the idea takes off, then we'll all be seeing one in our areas some day. ;)

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