Monday, September 27, 2004

J.K. Rowling up for more fund raising
Ever generous, the author has given a special original miniature book for an auction to go for the homeless, a Charity organization 999club
The Leaky Cauldron had this to say on it:
From the information that we received, this is a signed, leather bound manuscript by J.K. Rowling. It is said to be about 30 pages in length, containing a handwritten description of what Harry needs to bring to Hogwarts. This mini-book is also said to include 9 sketches, including ones of broomsticks and Harry's famous spectacles.
JK said: "I support the club because of the way it works - supporting people from the local community, run by people from the local community, open to all."
The auction will take place on November 1st at Sotheby's in London, England. For information, contact Fiona Kent 020 7152 3600 regarding tickets and catalogues.

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