Sunday, July 04, 2004

Attention to Details
A Louth-area businessman has been left spellbound after his firm was selected to provide props for the next Harry Potter film.
The dream order has been received by Jonathan Tebbs, owner of A Barn Full of Brass Beds. He is restoring nine beds at his Conisholme workshops for The Goblet of Fire film, the latest in the Harry Potter series.
He has also been working on a folding chair and will provide a unique iron to be used in a kitchen scene.
Set dressers for Warner Bros have paid precise attention to detail and want brass beds for the scenes.
The Hogwarts gang visit Ron Weasley's parents and are camping in a tent. Although from the outside it is a small tent, once inside it opens up into a large dormitory with bunk beds and a double bed for the Weasleys. All the props will come from A Barn Full of Brass Beds.
In previous Potter films, Julie Walters, who plays Ron Weasley's mother, has been seen to be in to "wacky old things".

So the brass beds fitted the bill for Warner Bros.

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