Friday, June 04, 2004

Possible Blunders?
Well, we know every movie has them. Movie Mistakes has started it's list of the ones for Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban. So far, this is what they've come up with from posters and watchers of the movie:
In the scene where Scabbers the rat turns into a man, he appears fully clothed. When he turns back into a rat again, the suit of clothes falls to the floor and Scabbbers emerges from the middle of it. Therefore, when he turns into a man again, will he be naked this time? How did he keep his clothes last time?
Continuity: When Peter has been changed back into a human he holds up his hands and there are definitely ten fingers. In the next shot there is a finger missing on his left hand but during the rest of the scene it alters all the time.
Factual error: After Sirius has flown away on Buckbeak, the clock bell begins to toll, altogether there are 14 tolls. Even in the magic world there isn't a 14 o'clock. And since the time turner goes back in hours (stated in the book) it should be three hours on from 7.30pm, making it 10.30, and don't most clocks strike on the hour?
Continuity: In the train compartment, just as things begin to chill with the dementors' approach, we see a shot of a bottle of liquid near the beginning-to-freeze-over window. The bottle is only about 1/3 full. Then a shot or two later as the tension builds, the bottle is about twice that full. Even it was frozen it wouldn't double in volume.
Plot hole: In both the book and the film, Lupin explains to Harry why he did not allow Harry to face the Boggart. But in the film (unlike the book) Lupin had already allowed Harry to face the Boggart, and we had seen the Boggart take the form of a Dementor. So in the film this conversation between Lupin and Harry makes no sense.
Continuity: When we catch glimpses of Hermione's time turner throughout the film, it appears to be on a small chain around her neck. However, when she wraps it around herself and Harry in the hospital wing, it is much longer to wrap around the both of them.
Other: In the scene at the Shrieking Shack where Malfoy is being dragged by the foot by Harry who is under the cloak, the dragging marks can be seen while Harry's footprints aren't visible, yet they can be seen in later scenes, ie. when he runs from the bar.
Continuity: In the scene where Hagrid is telling Harry, Ron and Hermione that Buckbeak must be executed, you see Harry in the background sitting on a rock and he stands up when he hears the news. When you see them from behind Harry is sitting down again.
Continuity: In the scene where Sirius lies at the lake and Harry kneels next to him, Sirius seems unconscious, then opens his eyes in terror as he sees the Dementors. However, in the very next shot, which shows the two from above, his eyes are closed and there's no sign of movement in his face. Submitted by VeraNeidlein
Continuity: The time in Hagrid's cabin where the sand jar cracks, a good half is standing up. But when they 'time-turn' and throw the stone again, the jar totally collapses.

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