Saturday, June 05, 2004

David Thewlis interview
The Washington Post has a quick interview on David Thewlis (Prof. Lupin). It's short, so here it is:

Secrets of the Dark Arts

How much of you as a werewolf do we get to see?

Most of the role is about showing the kindness of Professor Lupin's character. I'm sort of a Mr. Chips, a gentle, much-loved teacher -- that's interesting because the Dark Arts teachers before me were not loved.

What happens when finally he's revealed as a werewolf?

It took a full seven hours of make-up [along with special effects]. My face splits apart -- though I think they've edited that down a bit, because it looked too gruesome. It's very quick -- human, human, human, then teeth and eyes [change], a hunchback bursts through my jacket, my fingernails grow and all my clothes fall off and . . . I become all hairy!

Why did they offer you this role?

I don't really know. I had been considered for the role of Professor Quirrell [which Ian Hart played in the first movie, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"], so I suppose somebody obviously likes me. I felt an enormous responsibility because internationally there's a real passion among kiddies for these books. When I went online to do research about werewolves and stuff, I found all this e-mail chat saying things like, "Who is this person playing Professor Lupin? We want someone good-looking, like Jude Law!"

What do think is very different from the previous two movies?

I think it's very noticeable that the kids are grungier. You see them in clothes like track-suit tops, rather than always in school uniforms. They don't look so much like Hollywood's idea of school kids. They are much more like kids in reality. Especially Daniel [Radcliffe], who anyway is a little bit of a rocker, really cool!

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