Friday, March 19, 2004

Latest Review of Azkaban and interview
USA Today has a new article out on Azkaban; a short piece from it:
There will be visual treats for the careful viewer.
"There are lots of extraneous little bits of magic appearing in the background," says Craig. "Strange animals that live in Hagrid's hut, for example. There's somebody's tail poking through the floor. They're real throwaways, but there's extra richness, extra detail in these wide shots.
There's no need to worry that any of the characters will turn saccharine this time around, however.
The bookish Hermione strays a bit more from her studies in this movie.
"This is a real girl-power film," says Heyman. "Hermione helps and leads Harry on many occasions."
She decks Harry's Hogwarts foe, the ultra-obnoxious Draco Malfoy, after he sneeringly insults her mixed heritage (she's a wizard with human parents) and nearly causes the execution of a harmless hippogriff. After Hermione slugs Malfoy, she exclaims, "That felt good!"
A few new pictures from the third trailer are also available there as well.

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