Sunday, March 14, 2004

Another review on the PoA game
As the debut of the upcoming Prisoners of Azkaban video game nears, more reviews and screencaps are being released on the game. Last, a German video game reviewed it, and had the following to say on it:

Features: Into the role of Harry, Ron and Hermine, slip around the secrets from Hogwarts to air. Meeting at the gate - will the player be able himself to intersperse against the feared guards of Azkaban? Flight on silk bill? A flight on the Hippogryff over the towers of Hogwarts. Its enormous strength can be very helpful in this adventure. Fire new spells, creatures, freeze, flames and cause a Patronus. The best diagram of all times, the Harry Potter world becomes as alive as never before. Completely new collections of photo maps of famous witches and wizards cards.
New pics also found at the following on the game Here

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