Saturday, February 21, 2004

Robbie Coltrane at IGN
Robbie Coltrane recently gave an interview to IGN. It sounds as if our lovable Hagrid is having as much fun now as he did in the beginning. And he tells of what it's been like to work this last year on the Prisoners of Azkaban set.

"Q: On the first film, I remember you telling the press that Daniel [Radcliffe] changed your cell phone to Turkish. Have the pranks gotten a little more sophisticated?

COLTRANE: No, the jokes have got worse though. I think he's got a hankerin' to be a comedian. He keeps telling me jokes that, uh – he goes, "You're really gonna hate this one, OK?" And he tests me with them all, because I haven't seen him for a while. He gives me about 40 jokes, most of which were in the [mix] when I was about 10. But they don't know, because they've never heard them before. Some people say there only are 10 jokes."

For the full three page interview, Robbie Coltrane at IGN

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