Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Few London, Leicester Square premier pics of OUR OWN to share!

Not long to go now Muggles until the final film is on general release.
Im looking forward to seeing it for the 4th time and seeing the fantastic performances of Griphook, Mr Ollivander and Seamus!
Here's just a couple of candid photo's from the Premier we can share with you until then.
A big thank you to everyone for making it a truly magical experience once again. Highlights of the premier had to be for me meeting Helena for the first time (who gives another of THE performances of the film), once again chatting to Jason Issacs (and for all you Radio 5 live listeners who know of the Simon Mayo and Dr Kermode show you will know what I mean when I say 'Hi to Jason Issacs' - the spooky thing here was I was with them BOTH at the same time!!) and being in the theatre with Daniel and other Actors as they watched it for the first time - great atmosphere.

We've plenty photos to share including more from the Red Carpet prem, being at the first EVER screening at the David Heyman Friends and Family premier and the Cast and Crew screening + much much more...... dont forget to check our archives for our other EXCLUSIVE visit to the final wrap party at Leavesden studios and so many great photos.

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