Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Harry Potter Exhibition
If you happen to be unlucky enough to live in New York City, then you at least have something to talk about. The upcoming Harry Potter Exhibition, opening up to the public April 5th through 5-September-2011, which is said to be an interactive fan wonderland with over 200 set pieces, is having a 'red carpet' event at Discovery Time Square on 4-April-2011. Where fans have a chance to purchase seating in risers near museum in order to check out any stars that come along for the reveal.
All in all, this seems to be a way to beat the standing along the sidewalk hours (and hours) ahead of time, in order to be somewhere close enough to see any HP stars. However, I don't personally know if these 'risers' are anywhere close enough to allow for autographs. Should you care to call and ask, be sure to give them a ring at: 888.988.8692
Tickets for the exhibition itself are $26.00
For the 4th, the event is supposed to start about 7pm.
Also, there is a 'sneak peak' weekend the 1st of April through the 3rd, that you can purchase tickets for as well. To purchase any tickets, call 866-811-4111, or go HERE. Have fun!

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