Thursday, October 07, 2010

New Interview with Natalia Tena
In a new interview, Natalia Tena who plays Tonks, talked about Harry Potter and more!
As well as keeping people’s feet busy, Natalia has also starred in Harry Potter (amongst other things). What was it like working with those folk and is Daniel Radcliffe really a sexually dubious mummy’s boy as per his Extras appearance?
Nat: I got to pick my wand! It was very early mornings and lots of waiting interspersed with catching lots of jokes and riding on brooms. Daniel is banging and has enough energy to power rush-hour. The make-up ladies have brilliantly naughty laughs, especially Amanda and Sarah.
My werewolf husband in it, David Thewlis, reduced me to tears of hysteria various times before takes which were meant to be taken seriously and somewhere in Leavesden Studio is a plaster cast of my [bum]. Oh and Brendan Gleeson has the best hug, big arms you see.
We GOT TO PLAY THE WRAP PARTY!!!!! It was at the studio this summer, outside and just before we started playing the sky [hit] us with rain but it worked in our favour as everyone got on stage with us for cover and danced the [hell] out of it with us. There was a fairground for [eff's] sake!!!! Epic. I wore blindness-inducing pink with lashes to match and the boys scrubbed up like desperate hookers. Burgers were good too.
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