Saturday, August 21, 2010

Report from Deathly Hallows: Part I Test Screening
Today, in Chicago, the first Deathly Hallows Part I test screening took place and reports are starting to appear online!  If you don’t want to know spoilers do not finish reading this post! One fan, Gaby, has already posted some facts on her Twitter and I have someone who will be writing a report for Magical-Menagerie so I will post it here as well!
  • The movie wasn’t completely finished yet. You saw green screen in some parts & the effects aren’t done. The music wasn’t real either.
  • One of my fave scenes? Harry cheering up Hermione by dancing with her in the tent. (Was that in the book?)
  • I saw more of Voldemort in this movie than ever.
  • When Harry opened the locket horcrux, that was disturbing. Especially for Ron who had to kill it. It was like a Harry/Hermione shipper dream
  • Dobby’s death? I sobbed like a baby. D’: Every scene Dobby was in, the audience clapped. Never realized how much he was loved.
  • Ron & Harry’s fight was hard to watch. Poor Hermoine was devastated. But you could see how worn out Ron was. You couldn’t blame him.
  • Bellatrix is nuts as always. Totally cringed when she was torturing Hermione. (But Helena Bonham Carter is just too good)

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