Monday, May 10, 2010

New from Yates
In a new report with David Yates discusses filming around Radcliffe's illnesses, Rupert Grint discussing what the trio do on their breaks, and a few bits from Felton and Coltrane.

"Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) was not feeling well so he was not around for the interviews. Director David Yates stressed the importance of Daniel showing up to work soon. He said, “We could be in trouble if Daniel Radcliffe is out again. I hope he feels better soon.”
David, who has done two “Harry Potter” movies already and is now doing the final two, revealed that he tries to relax by doing yoga during lunch time and is planning to take three months off after doing the much-awaited final installments."
Rupert peppered his replies with a lot of his characteristic “yeahs” and “ums.” He revealed that he plays Guitar Hero with Daniel and Emma Watson when they are not filming and he definitely looks forward to keeping in touch with them when they are done doing the “Harry Potter” movies.
"Tom was charming and eloquent and did not look the least like the “bad guy.” “No more blonde evil wizards for me after ‘Harry Potter,’” he said. “Probably I’ll be a vampire next,” he kiddingly said.
Robbie, dressed in costume, amusedly shared, “You probably don’t know but Daniel loves The Killers and Lady Gaga.”
**This thanks to The Daily Snitcher

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