Saturday, May 01, 2010

Yo! You're not checking emails, so writing in here. How come that last post you made in, you just saved it to draft. You're right, some of us don't agree. But that doesn't mean or not make it news.:P You still have to remember, none of us here in America have any chance of getting close to anything Harry Potter related. This will be it for us.;)
And as for the price tag? I don't know how much (or even if you have large theme parks there like Universal) they charge over there for parks like this. But it's been around $80.00 for a park ticket over in Florida for many, Many years. And the truth of it? Even before Harry Potter came to Universal Studios, it was worth it. I go usually every other year there. And they have a lot to see and do. Disney World and Sea World are the same. The cost per tickets are about that.;)
Anyhow, another person sent in a comment asking if we were going to show anymore pics, as we 'are the only site that does'.:) Gotta make you smile there.
Ok, going. Cheers!

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