Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updates on the HP Park
Behind the Thrills has some new pics along with a small piece they wrote up. You can find both below.
You would think that with the closure of Dragons things would be flying up all over the place,but the biggest edition to the area seems to be two HUGE flying hog statues at the entrance to Hogwarts. These look like they may be animatronic, or lit up, or they simply have them covered to avoid damage to the facial features. But if you look closely at the wings, you can see they went a very brushed bronze and gave a lot of detail to them. The greenhouse is amazing. It is getting that old used look more and more. The three broomsticks is putting on huts on the back porch. the white aluminum is being painted to give it that wooden look, and I bet we see some thatch going up soon. But the most impressive thing happening at Potter is the light. The lanterns are lit, and in the night light you can see a lot of details that you weren't able to see in the daylight. The snow on the roofs sparkle like freshly fallen snow, and you can even see some of the icicles coming off the roofs as well. Late last week Universal sent out picture of the Hogwarts Express blowing smoke. If you look closely you can see a ramp leading up to it. Is this just an entrance into the owl post? Or is this just for effect? Maybe we'll see something else happening over there like perhaps all the students will come from backstage as if they just exited the HE? Exciting!


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