Thursday, April 01, 2010

New Pics
Ok Muggles, once again from THE only place to find real Potter exclusives; and for the more discerning of you, who value quality more than quantity here's a few more gems to keep you entertained over the Holiday period.

This truly wonderful and exclusive photograph is of the inside of the Malfoy residency. What else but such a grand room could be expected from the opulent Family.

Inside the Hogwart's Express! but not THE Hogwarts Express, this is a special version, built within the studios and used for some 'extra' special shots in the forthcoming Deathly Hallows.

and last for now, but by no means least ;-) is an amazing outdoors look at the entrance to the Lovegood home.
I'm going to leave out the details of this shot for now, so you can decide yourselves how and when it will feature! But DO check out those amazing 'fruits' - could ONLY be Luna's house right?!

If you missed our previous exclusive photos and close up shots last year of the etchings created in and around Luna's home, be sure to check out our archive section, along with THE first look inside the Granger Kitchen and much more more......

Confirmation too that the main unit Potter gang will be on a 5 week hiatus from 16th April - 21st May ;-) with a few of course making the obligitary trip to the hyped up 'funfair' currently going on in Florida. Personally, the more I read about it, the less inclined I am to want to visit.

ANY site wishing to use these images ENSURE you credit back to the source. All images are re-sized and cropped so do not attempt to claim them as your own.

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