Friday, March 05, 2010

New HP Park Brochure
Universal Studios has just released a brochure that includes the new Harry Potter Park.
It tells the following:
Dragon Challenge
You’ll feel like a Triwizard Tournament competitor as you climb aboard one of two ferocious dragons that twist, loop and nearly collide in an intertwining roller coaster chase across the sky. Each “dragon” is a completely different ride!
Must be at least 54” (5 feet).

Flight of the Hippogriff
Hagrid will teach you the proper way to approach the Hippogriff before you take off on a family-friendly coaster that spirals and dives around the pumpkin patch and past Hagrid’s hut.
Must be at least 36” (3 feet).

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey
Make your way through the classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts, then soar above the castle on this groundbreaking ride that lets you join Harry Potter and his friends on a thrilling adventure.
Must be at least 48” (4 feet).

**Thanks to The Daily Snitcher on this

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