Friday, December 11, 2009

To Be Or Not To Be...Naked? Is that really the question?

Speculation has been rife over the past few days as to whether or not Daniel Radcliffe will appear naked in the The Deathly Hallows.

Director David Yates recently announced, “Daniel has appeared nude in the past. There are a couple of scenes in the new film in which he will undress but we're still thinking about how we present it.” "The scene occurs when Harry's best friend and Hermione's love interest Ron Weasley, played by Rupert Grint, is battling a monster which tries to defend itself by flashing a series of images where Harry and Hermione are kissing and embracing."
He added, "There is another scene in Kings Cross station, where Harry almost dies and sees Dumbledore. In that scene he will also be naked."

For all those purists out there who adore JK Rowlings books just as they are, the thought of any nudity may be making your heads spin. Are the films a step too far away from the original text? Is this the way JK Rowling envisaged how the scenes would play out. However, the cynical ones amongst you may be thinking that Warner Bros. are simply trying to up the sexiness stakes to compete with the Twilight saga that is currently taking the box office by storm.
Now its over to YOU.......
What do you think?? Should Daniel get his kit off?? Would this sit well and be appropriate in the context of the two final films?? Is the nudity meant to signify purity after Harry nearly dies??
Please email us with your thoughts. The best and most compelling arguments for and against will be published. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Anonymous said...

I don't care about DanRad being naked in the King Cross scene. but the locket scene is another story. the nakedness will be too much in my opinion. to be honest, I hate the sound of that scene, I don't want the H/Hr kiss to be more passionate than the R/Hr one. it's just wrong