Thursday, December 03, 2009

Rupert, Daniel and Tom Interviews on the Deathly Hallows

Click on the names below to see two fantastic interviews from BBC Entertainment....
Daniel & Rupert - Daniel speaks about how emotions are running high in Deathly Hallows and all the running around they have had to do. He also speaks about how he looks forward to having a family of his own.... but not just yet! Rupert chats about embarrassing kisses and the very different atmosphere that the Deathly Hallows delivers.
Tom Felton - Tom explains why Malfoy experiences a very emotional journey and why secrecy is so much higher on the Deathly Hallows than in any of the earlier films. Tom discusses his enjoyment in jamming with Fenrir Greyback backing on harmonica! And he also admits to having never watched Star Wars!

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Sopho said...

Great interviews.

Please, please Could you tell whether what he says is true or false?

How do you know so much about the shooting ... I appreciate it very much.

Sorry for my poor English.