Friday, November 06, 2009

New From WB
Warner Brother's newest release in the HP domain is a Harry Potter Years 1-6 Gift Set. It will come in regular and Blu-ray format. Also, a new HP DVD Game, Wizarding World. About the game:
This is a sequel to the current Harry Potter Hogwarts Challenge game. The player is back at Hogwarts, attending years four, five, and six, and engaging in activities incorporating elements from the fourth, fifth, and sixth films. Because the fiction for these books and films explores areas outside Hogwarts, to make the new game more interesting, we propose that gameplay include such areas as well. Thus, whilst the Harry Potter Hogwarts Challenge game focused primarily on classroom gameplay, the sequel would feature classroom gameplay and activities which take place in Harry's world outside Hogwarts.
As with the previous game, the player must successfully complete the activities associated with a particular year before moving on to the next, and each gameplay activity will be set up through establishing shots/location clips from the films, with narration providing any instructions or other information relevant to that activity. Students finish each year and advance to the next by completing a year End Challenge inspired by a pivotal event from each of films four, five, and six, respectively. The first player to complete each activity for all three years will be allowed to play a bonus activity, and will win the game.
All you need is a DVD player and remote control to play. No game board required. 1-4 players, 14 activities.

To check out the game, go HERE.

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