Tuesday, July 21, 2009

When Daniel Met Rupert....
Little did either boy know, when this photograph was taken, just how immense a phenomenon that Harry Potter would become or how their lives would change forever as they would become household names. Producer, David Heyman took this photograph in March 2000 of two young boys who couldn't possibly have comprehended the great journey they were about to embark on.
David speaks emotively about the history of Harry Potter, Daniel, Rupert and Emma in an interview published in the LA Times.
I know they all will have great success in whatever they choose to do. Emma is astonishingly bright. She is radiant and relaxed. Dan is extremely focused on his acting, and I have the fortune too to read his poetry and short stories, and there are some major poets who have written the most glowing, supportive things about his work. And Rupert — Rupert is the most natural comedian of the bunch. I think that he is like an old person in a young person’s body. He is a wonderful eccentric, a distinct original.”

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they were so small!