Saturday, June 27, 2009

Screenwriter Extraordinaire

Check out the LA Times interview with HBP Screenwriter Steve Kloves who explains about how Ginny and Harry get together, why most of Dumbledore's pensive memories of young Voldemort, then Tom Riddle, have been cut from the film and why he emailed JK Rowling to ask her what the actual 12 Uses for Dragons Blood are. This is a super interview that discusses the climactic moment between Snape and Dumbledore? In the book, it’s a short but intense scene. Kloves explains, "It is informed by everything [Potter readers] have come to know is true. So if you watch the film carefully, there are performance moments that are quite extraordinary, Alan Rickman [who plays Snape] especially. There is something we added that you can look forward to, a short scene between Harry and Snape prior to the big event. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays to the audience. It should be a haunting moment for Harry. While I was writing, I just had a notion about a moment between him and Snape, something Harry could look back on and question as to why he didn’t act differently".

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