Friday, June 12, 2009

Harry, Ron and Hermione run for their lives.....

Following Wednesday's visit to the studio by President Obama's Family it was back to normal yesterday for the trio and their ongoing attempts to escape the Deatheaters!
Filming was well underway in Swinley Forest, Berkshire with scenes of up to 20 deatheaters hunting the gang through the various forest locations, sending curses flying everywhere.Using five specially prepared areas, Harry, Ron and Hermione were running through the trees at full speed in their attempt to get away once again following their escape from the trap at Luna's house, set by Xenophilius. The forest doesn't contain a natural lake but we think it might be added later by the FX department. An impressive set was dressed with SFX 'snow' to be used in the Winter scenes while other sets were left natural.


For those of you who wanted exact details of the BURNHAM BEECHES location shoot (seen it reported as Burnley Beeches on a few sites) and the 'Forest of Dean' set we can give you some details.
Mainly 'tent' scenes, being filmed were 139 & 145 with the trio in their tent during Winter, they are discussing Dumbledore and Grindlewald, Harry realises his wand is broken while Ron is busy explaining how he found them.
Scenes 140 and part 141 Harry sees the silver doe patronus and follows.
Scenes 89, 91, 98, 100 featuring Summer scenes and Ron constantly scanning his radio for updates! They hear news of Snape while Harry checks the Marauders Map. The trio hear a funny ticking noise and seek to find out what it is.....

As always stay tuned to HP4U for up to date filming news, including Harry and Bathilda's fight! some great Grimmauld place action, an extensive Scotland shoot coming up this Summer + location reports from a secret Hertfordshire location, Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and last but not least a major London scene to be shot VERY soon which we'll let you know of.

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