Wednesday, November 05, 2008

New Felton Interview
There's a new interview with our favorite young Death Eater online now.
In it, he goes into the filming of Half-Blood Prince; as well as how much
he's anticipating the filming of the upcoming Deathly Hallows. This is an
interview done with/by Below is an excerpt: Was it a big relief to show a different side of Draco?

Tom: It was great; it was probably the most exciting thing about playing the character this year. Obviously, he was a little bit two-dimensional in previous films. He was just a rather spiteful git for the sake of it; whereas in this film you get to see why he’s a bit of a git because of his father and his upbringing and so forth. You get to see both sides, really, of his extremes – the side where obviously his father is away and he’s trying to take on the male role and so forth.

But equally, the pressure will get too much for him, and you’ll see a much weaker side of him. So yeah, it was great playing a bit more versatile character, rather than just two-dimensional.

To check out the full interview, or hear it in audio, go to

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