Monday, July 21, 2008

Balmoral Hotel Renames Suite after J.K. Rowling

According to this article in the Edinburgh News, Harry Potter fans can now treat (and we do mean treat!) themselves to a night or two at the Balmoral Hotel, Edinburgh, in the very suite where J.K. Rowling completed her beloved Harry Potter series. Cost per night? About £1000. The suite has been renamed the J.K. Rowling suite and still contains the now famous marble bust the author signed upon completing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Ah, to be rich!

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Jacquie said...

I agree with your review totally. I enjoyed the movie and those who did not read the book will enjoy it, and yes, maybe it is the best yet to some, so far mine is definitely #4, and then #1. I think there was too much on the love issues, although cute and a little funny, those of us who have read the books, for me 6 times, giggled but did not laugh out load like those who have not read the series, may I add very few of those in the theatre I was in. I heard comments throughout and although the reviews have all been excellent, they are not asking the right people. I agree, the movies are based on the book, and are the book in it full glory, but the Slughorn Christmas party could have been left out and the important memory of Hufflepuff put in would have been better. The room of requirement and the whole kiss with Harry and Ginny, unnessary I think at that time, but the diadem of Ravenclaw, real important again for the Horcrux plot. The line of Dumbledore that the Horcrux's could be any ordinary object, no, Voldemort was anything but ordinary and it now leaves the actual items wide open for #7.

I disagree totally with the burning of the burrow though, that is so far off the beaten track I have no idea what they were thinking with that scene, and the love between Tonks and Lupin, that is a huge issue in #6 with her loving him and him not feeling worthy, they should have left that out completely if they weren't going to follow the storyline, I feel. No introduction to Bill nor the Fenrir attack. This is to me is huge, and as you mentioned, the wedding probably will not take place in the seventh moive.

The relationship between Harry and Dumbledore was just not emphasized enough and the pain he feels at the end of book 6 was not there while he stood on the tower claiming how beautiful Hogwart's surroundings really are and how he never noticed before.

Your review is excellent, and I heard a lot of the same leaving the theatre the other night, I think many fans like the movie, but are disappointed, and to think that JK herself has said this is her favorite by far, what is she thinking? Is she getting tired of Harry Potter on the whole? Must be to say that about this film.

I will watch the movie again, now that my bubble has been burst, this time with less anitipation and hoping to appreciate why they did it this way.