Friday, July 11, 2008

About the Upcoming HBP Game
Nintendo Magazine had a chat with Jonathan Bunney, executive producer at EA Bright Light Studio; concerning the much anticipated, Half-Blood Prince game. Below is what was in the interview online:

ONM: What makes this game different to last year's instalment?
Jonathan Bunney: We've really focused on capturing all the important story points of the movie and turned them into great, fun gameplay: mixing bubbling potions, casting spectacular spells in wizard duels and, for the first time in five years of Harry Potter games, we're putting Harry back in his Quidditch robes. We also have two-player games that you can play from the main menu.

The game allows you the complete freedom of Hogwarts. How was this handled?
JB: We built the castle based on the movie blueprints and the filmmakers' exterior miniature. But we also went through all the films, scene by scene, and took note of any corridors or staircases that connected to obvious locations like the Great Hall, the Grand Staircase and the classrooms. Finally, we spent hours poring over the books and the notes we have from JK Rowling herself to ensure that the locations were fictionally accurate. It's a labour of love!

ONM: How many of the voices in the game are those of the real actors in the movie?
JB: We've had a constant flow of actors in the studio over the last few weeks, including favourites like Ron Weasley and Luna Lovegood, as well as many of the new characters that are unique to this movie, such as Lavender Brown.

ONM: Half-Blood Prince is more linear than the last game. What was the thinking behind this?
JB: The story is really cool and so we wanted to make sure we could tell it well, which is impossible if you can do any task in any order. It also allows us to change the time of day in the castle as you progress, so you can experience the world's most magical school in the morning, noon, sunset and night. The castle is still an 'open world'. If you want to go and explore, you can, including visiting many of the school clubs where you can practice duelling, potion making and Quidditch.

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