Friday, June 20, 2008

Own the most amazing JK Rowling signed set of books and help a very brave 10 year old Harry Potter fan in the proccess.

A Family in the UK have very reluctantly decided to part with their cherished collection of JK Rowling personally signed books and letters.
The family are auctioning these books in order to raise funds to help their young daughter who tragically has been suffering with Cancer.

By bidding on this wonderful collection you will be helping this Family give their daughter the best possible time they can, in what could be her last few months.
There can be NO better reason (if you can afford to and have been looking for a full set of books) to bid for the chance to win these.

As many of you know, we're serious collectors of all things Potter and after reading the reason why these books need to be auctioned we want to give it as much publicity as possible. We urge all webmasters to PLEASE put a link to this auction on your web-site - thank you. To all you serious collectors, you should know already this set of books and letters in a regular auction are worth in EXCESS of £15'000 so please, if you have the money BID! and help this Family get the best price possible now that they sadly have to part with the books.

Please remember eBay rules, you must be over 18 to bid and all bids are legally binding, so please bid sensibly as well as generously.

Further information can be found in the eBay auction, as well as pictures of the items included. If you require any further help you can contact Patrick, who is organising this auction, through the auction page with questions.

Good luck to all of you who bid and most of all our best wishes to the Family and young girl.

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