Thursday, May 15, 2008

Interview With Heyman
Tom Felton Daily has four scans from Movie Magic, that has an interview with David Heyman.
It sounds, from the interview, that anyone whom is a fan of Tom Felton, will be most pleased with the performance given in this movie. Read below for an excerpt:
"He is the 'Chosen One', just like Harry is the 'Chosen One'. He's been chosen by Voldemort to kill Dumbledore just as Harry is the Chosen One and Voldemort is his destiny. "
"Draco is not altogether comfortable with the task he's been given. On the one hand, he's excited about making a name for himself and the import, but he struggles with his conscience and whether he wants or should be doing. And those nuances that Tom is bringing to it are terrific. It feels like a deeper, richer character than we've been able to see to date."

This was given on what Yates was still bringing to the movie. Heyman feels he is enriching all the characters in such a way as well. To read the full article, just click the scans below.
**Thanks to TFD for the scans.

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