Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Court Update ???
Hey all! Just wanted to take a minute out to say, no, we're not the only HP fansite that
isn't aware there's a big court case under way dealing with JKR.
Just that there seems no real reason to bother putting one to five daily postings
about the latest to come from the trial. We're trying our best to not bother others
with our opinion on the whole matter, and can only say that we here at HP4U wish
for a fair trial and judge (seems good so far), and that the best man/woman win.
And to any who simply must drink in the latest in gossip and/or facts and testimony
over the case, may I suggest getting it from our friends at
The Daily Snitcher, as they seem to be reporting this rather unbiased like;)
We will be sure to bring you the final judgment when it's rendered however.

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