Saturday, March 22, 2008

More Romance in HBP?
So it would seem if we're to believe a magazine called Wikén.
It's said to have interviewed both Radcliffe and Yates, and was there for
a little filming. This is what it had to say:
Against all expectations, the sixth installment of the saga will not be as dark as the previous one. In spite of the tragic end of Harry's mentor, Dumbledore (Michael Gambon), the movie actually revolves around the awkward and comical romance between Harry and Ginny Weasley, sister of Harry's best friend Ron (played by Bonnie Wright, who made her debut in the second installment).

Here is what Radcliffe had to say on this topic: "It's a complex story, it isn't a simple romance because Harry is such a close friend of Ron's, and Ginny is his sister, and Harry feels as if he's walking on eggshells". According to director David Yates, "the fifth [film] was pretty intense, but this one has more comedy in it (...) There are many subtleties in the relationship, and a lot of sexual and emotional tension". The movie also promises a lot of action and magic galore, and it will count with at least one scene that is not in the book.

The Christmas Party scene was also being filmed that day, but it only says that Slughorn was walking around the students. Not much to go on, and I can see that scene possibly hitting the editing floor.

Not so sure if the above is a good sign or a bad? As I know there are many Harry/Ginny shippers out there. But then again, most of us aren't into Harry Potter for comedy and romance.:/ So here's to hoping for enough adventure, and enough of keeping to the book to keep the rest of us thrilled.;)

**Thanks to Snitchseeker and HG Network on this.


Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Sorry but there is an error here - Bonny Wright made her debut in the first film, not the second. Ginny was holding Mrs. Weasley's hand when she was telling Harry how to get onto platform nine and three quarters. She said "Good luck."



Anonymous said...

I know it was an error. But it was an error on the magazine that did interview. So I did not change it.;)