Monday, March 10, 2008

A Little More From Millennium Bridge
A few more shots of the weekend London Half-Blood Prince filming, Millennium Bridge, EC4. Using the Millennium Bridge was pretty inspired, given the wonderful backdrop of some of London's older buildings, including St. Pauls Cathedral which will probably be seen on screen judging from the camera positions used. You will also notice the use of the helicopter on this set with some great maneuvers to capture the 'crowd' walking over the bridge.
This set, which didn't feature any main actors, did however use 150 'extras' through the 2 days filming - check out the guys with the brass instruments! They are sure to feature in the scene as they were given a prominent and central position during filming; as to the group of students all wearing red caps.

Now, there were three bits of inforamtion that were given during the time there by someone quite important to the production.
1-That this scene has to do with the Hocruxes.
2-That this scene was from the opening scenes of the film,
an 3- Dementors will also be in this opening sequence.
But sadly, despite much begging they wouldn't ellaborate further, and not a call sheets in sight!! We can only wait and see. What is certain though, is the shots will be edited to include CGI effects to make the bridge 'collapse' to further the destruction of the Capital during the dark times in the Wizarding World.

Check out the gallery HERE.

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