Monday, February 04, 2008

Cathedral Shoot
Ok, scrap all the other dates you might have heard from other sources, filming at the Cathedral is on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday THIS week; anyone interested in seeing what is going on, grab a camera and perhaps a book and you might be lucky to see the cast or a little bit of filming (depending of course on what is being shot). PLEASE follow whatever instructions your given by the crew and Security teams and they will be pleased to see you as always; just remember they are there to make a film! so it might not always be possible to see anyting.

There's also another location shoot coming up around mid-March, in the Central London area.
For once, none of our staff or help can attend this one. So if you're a fan with a camera, and would like to go on behalf of HP4U, please let us know ASAP.;)
This shoot will be a Great one for pics, as the cast is set to be adorned in their wizarding finest.;)

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