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Info and Pics of the Lacock Shooting
Lacock set location shoot.
October 26 & 27, 2007.
First up, our thanks to Michael Gambon and Daniel Radcliffe for making
the Lacock, Wiltshire shoot the best ever for the fans who turned up and waited patiently to see the guy's on both nights of filming.
Both took time out from the their tight filming schedule to stop and chat, sign items, with Michael
Gambon especially in good spirits, despite the time and the cold. Daniel as always was just great with his fans and seemed genuinely pleased so many of them came out to see him.
We've posted a few pictures now of the set with more to come. As with requirements of the crew, photo's of the cast were not allowed officially, but we've also
had an exclusive heads up of 10 or so shots that will also feature in the UK press this Sunday, which we'll post as soon as they are released.
The wonderful village of Lacock then, or, as its also known, 'Budleigh Babberton' is quite simply, straight out of the pages from the books.
The wonderful character of the buildings, the narrow streets and the picturesque scenery made it a magical place to film as always, without the need for too much being added.
A 'few simple props and we're good', was a comment from one of the production crew, although that's an understatement as this set actually took a couple of weeks to get set up with equipment.
26th, early hours!
Main Actors on set:
Michael Gambon
Daniel Radcliffe
Jim Broadbent
The shoot this evening consisted of scenes with Harry and Dumbledore entering the village and making their way to Slughorn's House, in an attempt to recruit former Professor back to Hogwarts.
The first dozen or so takes of the evening were of Harry and Dumbledore starting to make their way up a hill towards Slughorn's home. The setting again being true to the book, with the 'narrow street lined with houses' was incredibly realistic. The use of some clever artificial lighting (to represent moonlight) gave the whole area a wonderfully spooky feel.
Plenty of filming going on at the entrance to the property, with both the body doubles and main Actor's coming and going through the garden gate and up to the front door.
In the quiet, on the way to the house, a few words could be heard with Dumbledore telling Harry 'you've done very well' and Harry seeming a little perplexed. Must say, Gambon really does look the part in his robes and has a great presence around the set.
Dumbledore could also be seen wearing a SFX (special effects) glove type item, no doubt to add his withered hand into the shot.
Again as was described in the book, the windows in all the houses were dark; one of the main reasons to provide the residents of Lacock black-out blinds; and as reported to keep the light from shining into some of their homes.
After speaking to two of the local villagers, it was clear that they love the films being made in the village too; and 'always look forward to seeing the scenes on film, when they come out'
More filming continued with Harry and Dumbledore actually entering and departing Slughorns home, with some dialogue and close up shots for the screen. Slughorn can be heard to shout he would take the job, but only with a pay rise! From where a small crowd were allowed to watch it was possible to see into the hallway of the house, with light coloured walls and flooring.
The actual property used for these important scenes will look incredible. Plenty of character. We understand more of this set (internal shots) will be set up at Leavesden studios to complete the scene.
27th, early hours!
Main Actors on set:
Michael Gambon
Daniel Radcliffe
Jim Broadbent
James or Oliver Phelps (..more below on this)
An awesome set, right in the centre of the deserted village. This was a set at the bottom of the village hill and the filming of more walking by Harry and Dumbledore, this time past the 'Babberton Arms' public house. We couldn't take a photo of the sign outside, but it looked fantastic.
This quite possibly could be the first scene of the whole shoot in the village as they arrive. We couldn't hear any dialogue this time being stood at the rear of the set near the editing desk, but the scenes were great. This has to be one of the most naturally narrow streets ever and suited perfectly for the images required, with the Director wanting at least ten takes to get it right. It was noticeable that the huge overheard lights were changed between the various shoots and we believe Deatheaters are to be added possibly to this scene.
Once filming had wrapped, the small but eager crowd of fans were offered refreshments by some of the crew and waited whilst Daniel and Michael were taken back up to the base for the last time. One great bonus for fans whilst being allowed to take photo's as the crew cleared down, was seeing Oliver, or James Phelps working hard behind the scenes and hurrying up to base pushing equipment. We'll get confirmation as to which twin this is, but it seems one of the Weasley boys is involved in pre-production on the final two films and had been there all weekend.
Thanks again to Production and Security for invites onto set; the Actors for all the signatures and a special thanks to 'Harris' for his signature!! target='_blank'

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