Friday, July 20, 2007

Some Fan Fun @ Borders
I went to the local Borders Bookstore, and must say, I usually only see this much black in going to the mall, where you can find little 'goth groups' standing huddled together closely.
But so many had on their Wizarding robes and costumes. A good many were the robes sold at your local party stores, but many still were handmade outfits. Showing their favorite Houses clearly in color and badges. I grabbed a few photos while there, but have to say, this older 'Professor' (who turned out to be a Borders' Employee), and the three family members WEARING some signs for the Weasley Wizarding Wheezes shop, had to be my favorites.;) I'm sure all stores were different, but this one had spelling bees (which funnily enough, all the adults got eliminated quite soon, leaving one young girl to win the prize), face paintings, contest drawings, and coloring in the back for younger children.
Only ONE thing struck me as truly odd at this release party that I'd not seen in past ones.
WHY did many girls come in, dressed in last seasons' Prom Gowns??? I think those had more people laughing than admiring. After all, this was in celebration of the final Harry Potter book, NOT the Yule Ball.:/
Anyhow, check out the gallery of my local Borders' store Hallows Ball. And if you should want pics of your bookstores' festivities, or your own party up, be sure to send them in.;)
I hope everyone enjoys this book!

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