Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cool New Stuff in Japan!!
Our good friend Seiko, who after seeing the Premier last month, also went to the regular opening of The Order of the Phoenix 15-July-2007. There were as always in a Japanese openings, a great show of props! Also plenty of goodies to buy. Below, is a report and lots of galleries of all the pictures she took of the props, as well as many of the things she bought there. Enjoy! And thanks again to Seiko for sharing these with us!
I went to the usual HP Event for the Movie 5 on Jul. 15th.
It was raining hard because of the approaching typhoon, but I managed to go.
The HP OotP Events are always held at many Isetan Department Stores in
Japan, and the Tokyo (Shinjuku) was for this week.
They always have great displays of props, costumes, etc. along with the
merchandise for sale.
-- Props and Costumes displays--
This year, they also showed us our favorites from the old movies, too. For
example, Time-Turner, Maurader's Map, etc. from POA, Golden Egg, Triwizard
Cup, etc. from GOF.
From OotP, there were OWL paper, Quibbler, Proclamations, many wands,
brooms, and other amazing things.
I loved the real display of the brooms of the Advance Guard and Firebolt. I
wanted to touch and feel them, but of course, the security personnel were
there and I couldn't do that.
We were free to take pictures. So I took pictures of almost all of the

There were many things sold there. Our favorites from POA and GOF returned
to the store.
Many popular goodies such as Boggart's Wardrobe Keepsake Box, Crystals,
Hogwarts Scarves and Jumpers, Quidditch Box Jewelry Case, etc. were in the
store. I wanted the Boggart's Wardrobe, but I just thought I can't carry
them around if I buy the big ones.
I bought Buckbeak Necklace - it was very expensive (16000JPY or so) in POA
Events, because it is made of 925 fine silver with the real gems such as
aquamarine, amethyst, etc. Now, they were less than 3000 JPY. I am VERY
happy with the Buckbeak necklace.
The T-shirts were also very nice. It was good for adults, too. Very nice
design. But, the size Small were all sold out.... I'm short and I prefer
smaller and fit types of Tees... I'll probably find them in on-line stores,
I guess.
Many of the Noble Collection's items were sold, too. I also saw Tonner Dolls
in the shelves for sale.
There were many stationeries (postcards, notepads, folders, pens, letter
papers, etc.), but they were more like for young children.. I collect HP
watches instead.
This year, they have 3 kinds of OotP Pocket Watches, 2 kinds of Wrist
Watches and 2 types of Clip Watches. I seriously collect all of the HP
watches, so I ended up buying 2 of each kind. They are all very handsome,
but they could have improved the boxes and cases.
DA pins are really cool. I already have a friend in UK wanting 10 DA pins,
so I shopped for my friend.
I was wondering why they didn't make Inquisitorial Squad Budges. There are
many Slytherin fans (Snape fans and Draco fans) in Japan.... I was very
interested to see the design of the budge.... It is not very clearly shown
in the movie.
Well, so much for that. I spent too much again. I just couldn't help it.
If you were in Japan for this event, you'll end up buying many things as
well. I know you'd do the same. ;)
Props 1, Props 2, Props 3, Props 4, Bought Items

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