Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where Are the Hocruxes??
Another new item from Scholastic would be their "Where are the Hocruxes?"
This was written for it.
The Shrieking Shack is back! This time we've got seven questions we KNOW you want answers to. Vote on how you guess things will end up and then debate your answer on the Discussion Chamber Message Boards!
Question 1: Who will live? Who will die?
(Several available answers)

Question 2: Is Snape good or evil?
(Yes, or no, but with options)

Question 3: Will Hogwarts reopen?
(Yes, Yes but not with the trio, no)

Question 4: Who winds up with whom?
(The usual shippers including Tonks and Remus)

Question 5: Where are the Horcruxes?
(This one you just go to discuss if you like)
See how your answers compare after voting on each of these questions, to other Potter fans worldwide.
Check it out HERE.

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