Saturday, June 30, 2007

Japanese Premiere
We had a friend who managed to make it to the Japanese Premiere held just the other day. And below, you'll be able to read what she had to say about it. And to let you all know, she did NOT give anything away, so there are no spoilers in here.:)
Pictures to go here as well at the bottom.
I made it to the Japan Premier yesterday June 28th, and I just wanted to
report something somewhere. Too excited!
Japan Premiere was not for all of the fans. It was only for the lucky fans
who won the lotteries, sweepstakes, etc.
I wrote many letters and sent many postcards to the lotteries from
magazines, tv shows, etc. etc. The one I got was from "Tokyo Walker"; it's a
city guide for all the entertainments in Tokyo area.
Actually,...... it was not ME who won the invitation to the Japan Premiere....
Somebody else won, and she had it auctioned!
So, I placed my bids and kept my fingers crossed.
I was able to win the invitation card, so I was there!

I left home for the theatre very early. They said they'll exchange the
invitation cards to the theatre reserved seat tickets from 9 a.m.
So, I went there at 1 p.m. It was the best I could do.
But I was so lucky! I got the very front seat to the stage where Dan and
David made their speeches.

Dan looked very energetic and very handsome in his white suits.
David was very friendly to the fans. My friend was there, and she got Dan's
and Mr. Heyman's autographs!
Mr. Heyman shook hands with her, too. She told me he held her hand very
tightly and she was almost falling in love with him!

We saw the movie!!!!!
I'm not going to give you the spoilers, but I can comment if you (HP4U
readers) have any questions.

Did you see Ron's patronus?

In this movie, I found the camera works were VERY beautiful. It takes you
to the wizarding world and you really feel it.
Special effects were absolutely the best in all 5 movies. The creatures
movements were excellent. I even liked the dementors in this movie.
The set for Ministry of Magic was AMAZING when DD and Voldemort fought.

UMMM... BUT...
They DID mess up many things, which they couldn't help in order to make the
film in 2 hours 18min.
So, they had to cut out many things.
The only part I am unhappy is about that lost prophecy. I think they
shouldn't have changed any part of the book about the lost prophecy. You
know, it is the most important part in Book 5.
Well, they had to, I guess.

On the other hand, there are some interesting "new" scenes and episodes in
the film which made the movie even better than the book.

Evanna was VERY GOOD! She is perfect as Luna.
Dan had become EXTREMELY GOOD in his acting.
Umbridge was really, really EVIL and she is WORSE than in the book!

I enjoyed the movie very much.
It is very dark. Even bloody in a part. But I'm sure you'll like it.
Here are the pics to go along:
Album 1, Album 2
The pictures are described as follows:
Huge Displays in Roppongi Hills Park (waterfalls)
- Huge Displays in TOHO Cinemas in Roppongi Hills (First time to see
Hermione and other members flying on their brooms!!)
- Red carpet and the stage under constructions and preparations
- Dan and David Heyman in TOHO Cinemas Screen No. 7 in front of us.
- Some Japanese HP OotP goodies sold in TOHO Cinemas (look at my DA pin on
my hat!)
THANKS MUCH!!! To Seiko for this!!!
***New*** Seiko also had this to say:
They had a part of their speech prepared in Japanese which was very nice.
Dan talked about he leant a lot by just acting with great actors/actresses
such as Gary Oldmann and Imelda Staunton.
David explained how Harry is in the movie... Harry is feeling angry and
Dan was asked about Japanese food. He said he likes Sushi and Sashimi. He
said everybody gets surprized to know that he likes "wasabi" with Sushi and
Sashimi. (Wasabi -- known as Japanese horseradich, its root is used as a
spice and has an extremely strong flavor. )
"Everybody thinks it's too hot because I'm English, but I just love it."
Actually, I was too excited to listen to their speech. (I'm sorry!) We
were waving to get their attention. They did wave at us in the left hand
side corner.
The TOHO Cinemas Screen 7 can only contain about 260 people, so we were
extremely lucky to be able to have Dan and David in front of us.

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