Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Ending Revealed?
Not even! For those of you who've heard that Gabriel 'broke into' a Bloomsbury computer, and managed to retrieve the books' ending? All I can say is, "Don't believe everything you read".
Not that we haven't heard and known that for a long time, but it's never more accurate than in this case.
This 'Gabriel' is most definitely NOT giving us the Real transcripts OR letting us know what Rowling has in store for us.
Now, for those that still want to check out his rubbish, I'll give the link HERE.
But again, I can tell you ALL that we know for a FACT, that this is most DEFINITELY not the real deal.;)


Gwen said...

How can I be sure that the story isn't real?

Tiffany said...

I think it could be true, but I don't want to believe it! I hope this is right!!

Emmett said...

how can we be sure either way? i don't know which to believe! July can't come soon enough

Anonymous said...

Well, we don't have too long to wait till July does get here. So hang in there. And I can only say that I know for a fact what was written was a total farce.
I think people will be in for a real surprise when they see the direction some of their favorite characters take, and it's nothing like what was written.
That's just stupid people trying to do things 'in the name' of their religion. Sad and pathetic really.:/ I'm sorry to anyone out there that's fearing this rubbish is anything But.

Charlotte said...

Oh... I really hope it isn't true! Hermione is my favourite character! And imagine... how sad Ron and Harry would be...

Anyway, I'm happy to see a blog about HP news! Keep up the good work!! ;)