Saturday, April 21, 2007

Descript of the Japanese Trailer
I know there've been some descriptions from the the trailer aired in Japan, but as one of our own friends wrote up something about it, I'm putting it here.
Also, there is the actual trailer link below.

* I saw voldemort a few times. No mask. He was wearing the robe he had in GOF.
* Voldemort was using his wand. It may be the scene in Department of Mysteries, but it could also be something in Harry's dream.
* DADA class room.Umbridge (smiling and looking down at Harry) says "It's a lie."Harry (sitting in the middle of the class, glaring at Umbridge) says "It's not a lie!!"
* Luna produces her Patronus. (its silvery shape was not very clear, so we don't know what it was.)
* Trio and friends (maybe DA members) walking down the corridor (bridge) outside the castle. (The bridge-like place Lupin and Harry were talking about Lily.)Hermione says, "It's fun to break rules!!"Ron says, "Are we really talking to Hermione?" or "Are you really Hermione?" or something like that.
* Dumbledore making his statement at court in front of Wizengamot. Dumbledore says "Evidence the Dark Lord$B!G(Bs returned is incontrovertible."
* Harry in the Kitchen of Grimmauld Place with his fellows. Sirius says something (Sorry, I don't really remember.)Harry says, "If Voldemort's building up an army, then I want to fight."
* Harry kissing Cho.
* Filch hammering the frames for Proclamations on the wall of the entrance to the Great Hall. The snippet shows him doing this many times, to show that Proclammations are increasing.
* Close-up of Proclamation "Educational Decree No. 119""DOLORES JANE UMBRIDGE HAS REPLACED ALBUS DUMBLEDORE AS HEAD OF HOGWARTS SCHOOL OF WITCHCRAFT & WIZARDRY."Someone (? Harry?) reading this out laud and making some comments. (sorry again, I don't remember well.)
* Proclamations blow up.
* Harry hit by some spell during the duelling lesson in DA class.
* Voldemort says "You will lose everything."
* Harry shouts "Expelliarmus!" with his wand arm outstretched.
* The last scenes are the Advance Guard and Harry flying over the river. Harry flying and closing up in the middle as the footage ends.

Thanks VERY much to Sara for sharing this with us.:)

AND! To view the trailer? Check it out at You Tube HERE.

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