Friday, March 23, 2007

Confirmed: Daniel, Emma and Rupert to Return for HP Movies 6 and 7

Warner Bros. has just confirmed in a press release that all three actors who play the ‘golden trio’ in the Harry Potter movies will be back to finish the series. Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint had this to say:

Daniel Radcliffe: "Playing the role of Harry Potter has been an immense privilege, and I look forward to completing the series. I feel a huge sense of loyalty to the character of Harry and the fans who have supported these films over the years. During filming, I have learnt so much, made lots of friends and met people who have changed my life. I am indebted to J K Rowling, Warner Bros. and David Heyman for giving me this fantastic opportunity.”

Emma Watson: “I could never let Hermione go—she is my hero! I love her too much and love what playing her has meant to me. I am excited and honoured to be finishing what I started and playing her in all seven of the films.”

Rupert Grint: “Ron Weasley has become a big part of my life and not just because we’ve both got ginger hair! I’ve been so proud to play him and loved every second of being part of this world. I’m really looking forward to filming the last two films and being back with my ‘Weasley family’ and, of course, to seeing my good friends Emma and Dan. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive over the years; we couldn’t have done it without you."


Anonymous said...

So happy to hear this news. I couldn't even think of the movies without those kids playing Harry, Ron and Hermione.

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that I was glad Hermione chose to stay.. I would have not liked the Harry Potter movies as much if Emma didn't stay.. and not only Emma but the rest of the cast that has stayed for all the movies like Dan and Rupert.