Friday, January 19, 2007

David Yates Calls OOTP Emotionally Complex

There is a new article about much awaited movie sequels on, so of course a snippet of information on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is included:

"The cast is growing older, film by film, and the audience is growing with them," says David Yates, director of No. 5. "That's what is beautiful with Harry Potter. Our story is the most emotionally complex one so far." That includes Harry's first kiss, shared with fellow wizard-in-training Cho Chang (Katie Leung). Yates assures that the film "has all of the whiz-bang whistles and bells as well. We have centaurs, half-men and half-horse. A backwoods giant baby and Hagrid's half-brother, Grawp. And some beautiful, hypnotic thestrals that are only seen when someone has died."

A small picture of Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter accompanies the article.

Update: you can now see a copy in high res of the photo of Daniel as Harry here courtesy of

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