Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Winner of the Caption Contest
After lots of giggling and reviewing contest entries, we've finally narrowed it down to one winner. The contest winner M, and her picture/entry can be found by clicking the pic below.
Thanks for all that entered!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congrats! :D *darn it wasn't me lol*
Can we know what was the prize??

Anonymous said...

Why is that funny?

Fanny said...

I've lost :(
Well, I'm french, so my english humor is quite bad...
I'd like to know what's the prize too ???
Something used during and for HP set... WHAT IS IT, PLEASE ???? a daily profet?

Anonymous said...

i'm not saying that mine was necessarily better, but i don't really get this caption... I don't find it funny... but it's probably just me.
So what was the prize? :D

Anonymous said...

Well, first off, this contest, as said originally, was being judged by the 'kids' of HP4U. And it's what they found funny. Not myself, the owner, or the readers and contest entrants. So, they found it funny, and judged it. Personally, I found hers to be most entertaining as well.
Second, I thought about commenting about one of the issues I ran into, but thought no. But now? Might as well.
We received hundreds of entries. And to tell the truth? I'd say about 1/2 of them all said the same thing, but sent in by different people. Some had one or two words different, but they all said the same, most the exact wording. They regarded Umbridge's pink outfit. And as we couldn't award but one prize, we had to move past those. I'm guessing it was spoken about somewhere else, and that was given as the best. Then plenty sent that in.
Also, then we also got dozens of entries in languages unspecified. Which, as there was originally only myself reviewing and translating them for the kids (thankfully Seeker helped plenty with the French-THANKS!:), I thought giving four languages to choose from was pretty fair. There were plenty of languages that we received that I wasn't even sure what they were. So! Sorry to all who fell in the first category; but evidentally a lot of people had grabbed the caption words from somewhere.:/ There's no Way we could know who actually came up with it.
Anyhow! As for the prize? Sorry guys, but thanks to some goofy site, we had enough of that Q&A with Warner Brothers. And in hoping to SO not reopen that bag, we're not going to put what the prizes were for the winner. But, undoubtably, she is a VERY happy HP fan now.

fanny said...

Oh nooooooooooooo, please Ty and M !!!!!
Tell us what it is pleaaaaaaaaaase :)

Anonymous said...

I don't get it: why can't you tell us what it is?? :(