Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Lucius Malfoy on Forbes Wealthiest List

I am sure that my colleague Ty will be happy to learn that Lucius Malfoy has moved up a couple of notches (from #15 to #12) on Forbes wealthiest fictional characters list.

Quote: Wizarding family patriarch best known as advocate for pureblood magicians and for violent hatred of Harry Potter. Caught red-handed burglarizing United Kingdom's Ministry of Magic; now indefinitely incarcerated in Azkaban prison. But imprisonment hasn't hurt his net worth: With the price of gold at record levels, stockpiles of gold galleons have appreciated significantly. Minister of Magic Rufus Scrimgeour reportedly increasing security outside Malfoy's cell in the wake of Dementor guard revolt, fearing escape attempt. Malfoy, unbowed, vows to return to public life: "My race is not yet run."

Ah, yes... indeed!

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Anonymous said...

No worries Lucius love!! I'm busting you outta there!:D