Thursday, November 02, 2006

David Thewlis Loves Acting in Harry Potter Movies

In a recent interview with, actor David Thewlis (Professor Remus Lupin) stated that he loves being a part of the Harry Potter movies and that he doesn't think that J.K. will let Harry die in book 7. Here is the Potter portion of David's interview:

Q: How’s work going on the next Harry Potter film?
A: It’s nearly finished actually.
Q: Is it fun to be part of something that has such a massive international following?
A: I love doing the Harry Potter films. It’s such a big family, everyone knows each other very well and have worked together for so long on these films. The other good thing is you know it’s going to get seen, that it will be in the cinemas. This isn’t always the case with films you make. You know millions of people are going to see it.
Q: Do you think Harry will be killed off in the last book and film?
A: I think Dan Radcliffe thinks that but I’m not sure. I can’t imagine J.K. Rowling killing off Harry.

Source: Wizard News

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