Sunday, October 15, 2006

WB Movie Passport Campaign
This contest if for our Japanese fans of HP out there. Want the scoop? Well, it's a contest that's going to span four movies (WB's of course), and several months! Ok, most important part, the prize(s). Warner Brothers Film Japan says that they have the plan to invite 40 people (20 pairs) to OOTP Japanese premiere. This Prize is one of 3 prizes in all.
Ok, more details...You're going to need to see four movies between now and December 9th. Those movies are the following:
Lady in the Water (now out), Letters from Iwo Jima (out 28-10-06/depending/ 03-11-06), Flags of our Father(out 03-11-06) and Death Note the Last Name (out 09-12-06).
When you go to these movies, make sure to get the movie seal or stub (depending on which theatre you go to). You'll save these, and place them on your passport.
NOW! If you're going to enter this contest, be SURE to go to the first right away. Why? Because the passports themselves are a limited quantity. First come first serve. You'll want to get the passport at the participating movie theatres RIGHT away!
On the participating theatres, they are: Movix, Cinema Sunshine, 109 Cinemas, and Cineplex.
The contest itself runs between 30-09-06 to 12-01-07.
The official site is located HERE.
*HPANA & AND Carol.
******************To any who know Japanese, if I've terribly botched this translation, PLEASE let me know, as Japanese is not my first language. THANKS!:)

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