Friday, October 20, 2006

VH1 Interviews Rupert Grint

VH1 has recently sat down to talk to Rupert Grint(Ron). In this new interview, Rupert talks about his new film, Driving Lessons, if he thinks Ron and Hermione will go out, and what he feels about his charactor, Ron maybe dying.

Do you think Ron will ever hook up with Hermione?

"There are rumors going around, especially about the seventh book and what's going to happen between them. I don't know. It would be quite weird, actually. I'm not sure I'd be looking forward to it. Emma Watson's like a little sister to me. We've known each other for six years! It would feel kind of strange." Rupert grint

There's also a lot of talk about a character dying.Do you ever wonder if it might be you?

Yeah, you do think about it. I don't see it as really that bad because it's the last book anyway. Plus, no one really dies. You can come back as a ghost or something. It isn't like the end. I don't know if I'm ready for a big death scene. But it would be kind of cool!" Rupert Grint

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