Sunday, September 17, 2006

Voldemort and Graveyard Statues
Gentle Giant is at it again. To be coming out in 2007, there will two newer pieces available in the Harry Potter line. One is a mini-bust of Voldemort, recently risen from the cauldron. That one is said to be released April 2007, will stand 7" tall, and is given as 'Limited Edition' (no number yet known), and will be $50.00 Go HERE to check it out.
The second, is a statue entitled Riddle Grave. This was first seen in the fourth movie, after the portkey dropped them off. With Harry looking up at this very image, and telling Cedric...We need to get out of here.
Ok, so needless to say, this one is on my Channukah wish list.:) This one as well, is set for release April 2007, also 7" tall, and will be $60.00 To check this out in full detail, be sure to go HERE.

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