Wednesday, September 27, 2006

All depart the Hogwarts Express...
As reported recently, preparations are well underway at the latest location shoot of HP5 in Black Park, Buckinghamshire.
Once again the team of set designers and construction crew have done an incredible job building the complete and gorgeous Hogsmead station and platform in a matter of weeks. This large scale project right in the middle of the woods has been 5 weeks in the construction phase so far with an expected further week or so left until Unit 1 begin filming.
During yesterday evening and continuing the rest of the week the actual carriages of the Express are being brought to the set , leaving then just (if you can call it just) the Engine to arrive by the weekend. Each of these 'parts' of the Hogwarts Express are arriving unbelievably via road on huge transporters, no mean feat in a quiet Country park with very restricted access. The equipment (cranes and trucks) used to get the train makes the whole procedure feel almost miniature but we assure you its FULL scale, no special effects required for these scenes.
The track has been laid and if you can imagine a full size station and train IN the woods you can get some idea how awesome it is...

As you can see from the images the attention to detail of the station is amazing, the front being finished with a fully workable waiting room, even at the rear (we're not sure if this will feature on screen) has been finished to the highest standard...c'mon WB Executives, leave the Station here for 6 months so the fans can visit - we're sure you can sort out the legal issues?

For all fans in and around Buckinghamshire, these ARE the best pictures or views you will see im afraid. In the past 3 days the fences sealing off the area has been brought further back away from the set, so actually seeing filming will be out of the question; likewise getting your favourite stars autograph will not happen, again for safety issues they will all arrive in cars driven directly into the enclosed area!
Unlike Oxford or Virginia Water locations where most Muggles can sometimes watch a few takes this is a completely closed set, fenced in and sealed off! Its also a night shoot which is being planned we understand; therefore do you really want to be walking around the woods at night? please don't its just not worth the safety issues. The scene being filmed at Black Park we believe will relate to the scenes filmed earlier this Month at Kings Cross (see archived reports and pics) with the same cast exiting the train on their way back to school...

Good luck D, keep it up!

Thanks Chris (aka J.Bourne) for the pics and news!
For the pics that were taken, go HERE for our gallery.


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I can't wait for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ty said...

yeah! A comment! ha! Thanks for leaving it. And believe it! We're all having trouble coping. Thank the high ones Jason & Kevin always there. ;)
And Jason? You SO deserve a raise!!

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ㅙ 저??